2019+ Grill Overlay Vinyl Sticker

2019+ Grill Overlay Vinyl Sticker

2019+ A35 A45 CLA35 CLA45s Grill Overlay Sticker

This is a simple addition to add to your badge situated on the grill. The overlay sticker simply sticks over the existing badge to change its colour and make it stand out a little more as the chrome is sometimes a little hidden.

The sticker covers most of the chrome though it’s impossible to completely cover all the chrome so some chrome may show as you can see on the images.


- 1 x Sticker Overlay

Eaziwrap Vinyl 

Premium Automotive Vinyl 


This product is a simple peel and stick application which comes on clear application tape for easy lining. Simply hold the sticker up against the badge using the clear film to line up, then stick down. Once stuck down apply heat on the back of the clear application tape otherwise when you remove the clear tape the sticker will also come off. We recommend you heat the badge first with a hairdryer or heatgun in cold situations as vinyl will not stick to a cold metal surface.  Due to the small size of the badge we recommend you take your time with the application.

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