One Wipe Eazidry Detailing Drying Towel - 50 x 80cm

One Wipe Eazidry Detailing Drying Towel - 50 x 80cm

Eaziwrap - One Wipe Eazidry Detailing Towel 

Here at Eaziwrap we take a lot of pride in washing and looking after our cars and always on the lookout for the best detailing products.

The biggest issue we find is water spots and drying a car to ensure it remains glossy and watermark free, normally this can take a lot of time going over with a traditional microfiber towel and applying pressure can cause swirls and scratches.

The Eazidry towel has been manufactured with special care making drying a car effortless and yes panels can be dried in just one wipe. We guarantee you will be able to dry your car in less than half the time a traditional drying towel takes.

Simply lay the towel over the wet surface and drag across, the triple twisted fibres instantly pick absorb the water without the need of any pressure and will leave the car streak, swirl and scratch free.

Click on the product video to see the towel in action.... we guarantee you it will be amazed.

Towel Features

  • Edge less all round - no need to worry about scratches because of any hard edges
  • Dual sided for even more water absorption
  • Super soft triple twisted fibres on both sides for streak free drying in one wipe
  • 50 x 80cm - this amazing size means drying any car can be done extremely quickly 
  • 1500GSM

Towel Care

80% Polyester 20% Polyamide

Simply wash the towel in a washing machine without any fabric softener or detergent 

Leave towel to naturally air dry

In most cases you wont need to wash the towel as you will be drying a clean car and only absorbing water so you can simply let it dry.

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